This questionnaire is part of the project named "LINKAGES", funded by the European Cooperative Program for Plant Genetic Resources (ECPGR). Its aim is to understand the interactions and synergies between germplasm banks and actors involved in on-farm conservation, participatory research and sustainable agricultural production (farmers, seed savers and their networks/organizations). In particular, this questionnaire aims at evaluating 1) whether individual farmers or European organizations and networks for on-farm conservation and sustainable use of genetic resources are interested in accessing seeds stored in germplasm banks for using them directly in their activities; 2) if they have already requested seeds from ex situ institutions in the past and what their experience was; 3) what are the opportunities and challenges of obtaining seeds from ex situ collections for direct use in production or in on farm conservation and experimentation activities. Personal data will be used only within and for the purposes of the LINKAGES project, and will not be made public. LINKAGES is conducting a similar questionnaire among curators of important ex situ germplasm collections in Europe. The answers to both questionnaires will be analyzed and the results presented and discussed during a meeting scheduled for the spring of 2018. Some of those who participated in the questionnaire will be invited to the meeting.